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Agile consulting is a solution to a common problem plaguing development teams. It's more than just an exercise, it's more than a process. 

Agile works with teams and management, helping companies deliver the right products. It does this by building the skills of the team that produces high-quality products and makes them reliable and reusable. 

The best agile advising network combines a common set of solutions: people, processes, tools, and culture. They prioritize solutions and help companies achieve the promised benefits of agile.

Using Lean Management in Building Agile Organizations

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What do agile consulting services offer?

  • Helping teams build fast prototyping

  • Helping teams improve prototypes through iteration

  • Help the team incorporate user feedback into the product

  • Help the team accelerate faster and avoid common pitfalls

  • Help build sustainable change by developing indicators that enable continuous improvement, and

  • Provide advice, training, and process design that builds a customer-centric approach to new product development

Depending on the implementation, this service may include implementing agile methods on existing projects. We'll help create initial lags in user stories, offer real-time agile training to teams, and even help teams connect with developers. 

This happens frequently in the context of mobile product development or hybrid development approaches – and is very common.

Agile consultants often start first as agile coaches, agile coaches can be seen as internal employees and exist to lead the team. Mobile trainers also have experience and knowledge in the area of flexible frameworks.

Why Work With An Agile Consultant?