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First, practicing realistic simulations can help you become better prepared for real-world tasks. Second, realistic simulations can also improve your overall learning process.

Most importantly, realistic simulations can increase your safety when performing real-world tasks. You can also get more informaiton about simulated learning environment at

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How can VR help with spaced repetitions?

VR can help with spaced repetitions by providing a sense of presence and immersion. This can help to reduce boredom and make the training more engaging. Additionally, VR can be used to create custom training environments that are specific to the individual needs of the user. Can VR be used for rehabilitation?.

It is still too early to say that VR can help with rehabilitation. However, there are a number of studies looking at the potential for virtual reality to assist in improving movement ability and stability. One study found that using virtual reality to produce a first-person bow-and-arrow game was effective at improving hand-eye coordination skills and physical activity levels.

How many people use VR currently?. The global market size of virtual reality was estimated at US$36 billion in 2016. According to Statista, the global installed base of mobile devices in 2015 was over 1 billion units, meaning that it would take nearly 2 years to reach a market penetration rate of one percent of all smartphones replaced with VR devices.

Why is it Important to practice realistic simulations?