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If your sows can choose a group cage style, they will choose one that will keep them calm and comfortable. Electronic sow feed (ESF) with a forward exit to a well-designed group pen has kept sows cool, maintaining productivity and minimizing spacing caused by decades of injury.

High displacement rates can be expensive due to additional labor, the need for hospital pens or stall space, and a decrease in the welfare and productivity of sows. 

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  1. No contact during meals

Properly designed feeders protect sows on all sides while they are being fed. The sow waiting in front of the automatic feeders should not touch the pigs that are being fed. You should also not be able to get into the automatic feeder while other animals are still feeding.

If a pig can be fed continuously, it is less likely to protect its feed from other pigs or to be intimidated and disturbed by its feed. Choosing a system that allows each pig in the herd to eat safely without protecting the feed is ultimately the best for you and your sow.

  1. Guide direct sowing from automatic feeder

Design your pen so that the sows do not have access to the feed entrance immediately after feeding. The optimal pen design has a physical structure that guides the pigs away from the feeding area and prevents access between fed and non-fed pigs for as long as possible.

Which Electronic Sow Feeding System Would Your Sows Choose?