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Scrap metal is a wealth of resources, which can be reused to make new products. It's important to understand how to properly recycle scrap metal and what to look for as you sort through it. There are many different types of scrap metal. 

The most common type is ferrous scrap, which includes materials like iron and steel. Non-ferrous scrap includes things like plastic and copper. You can also navigate to to get more information about scrap metals. 

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The biggest market for scrap metal is in the automotive industry. Cars and trucks use a lot of metals, so the industry is responsible for recycling almost all of the material that comes off of these vehicles. Ferrous scrap is usually the first to go because it's more valuable than non-ferrous scrap.

Old metal that’s been tossed aside because it’s no longer usable? Maybe you think of pieces of metal that have been cut off a car or truck. But in reality, scrap metal is anything from old appliances and furniture to construction materials and vehicles. 

There are a few ways to get scrap metal. You can recycle old electronics, appliances, and other materials. You can also get scrap metal by finding old cars, trucks, and other vehicles that have been scrapped. Finally, you can find scrap metal at construction sites and landfills.

What Is Scrap Metal?