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Freight transportation is the process of conveying different types of goods from one point to another using a variety of transport modes. The transport of freight can involve road solutions, air deliveries, and even the use of waterways to move the freight from a point of origin to a destination. 

One of the more common modes of freight transportation involves moving the goods overland. There are two common means of accomplishing effective land-based freight transportation.

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One solution is to use long haul or short haul trucking firms to transport the goods. This approach involves contracting with a trucking company to pick up, transport, and deliver the goods to a specific location. Many businesses routinely use this solution to receive raw materials needed for production, as well as deliver finished goods to buyers.

A second land freight solution is the use of rail freight transport. This solution involves the use of railways to move goods. Freight cars or detachable containers are loaded with the goods, then moved through a network of railways until arriving at their destination. It is not unusual for shippers to use a combination of trucks and rail services in order to manage dependable road freight transport.

In addition to land solutions, freight transport is sometimes achieved by the use of waterways. With water freight transport, containers are filled with goods to be moved to a new location. 

What is Freight Transport?