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The FDA Food Security Training is designed to educate the food industry on how to make sure that their company is compliant with FDA regulations when it comes to food safety. FDA Food Security Training helps ensure that the food being sold in the United States is safe to eat.  

This training provides an overview of the FDA and its responsibilities, as well as how to recognize hazards in food and respond accordingly.  You can get to know more about food security training from various websites for instance  

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Trainees learn about how to create a safe work environment, how to properly protect raw materials, and how to maintain sanitary conditions. As one of the most important steps in protecting public health, food security training is crucial for everyone from farmers and factory managers to transporters and retailers. 

The FDA Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) mandates that all FDA-regulated food facilities complete a food safety training program by December 12, 2017. After completing the training, you will have to provide evidence of completion using an FSPCA-approved form. There are many ways to complete FSMA compliance training courses. 

The FDA Food Security Training program offers three levels of training for employees who are involved in the FDA's food safety system. The courses provide information on the differences between good and bad bacteria and the impact they can have on food. They also teach how to identify which foods may be at risk for contamination, and what steps to take to reduce any risks. 

What Is FDA Food Security Training?