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The African Philanthropic Network (APN) is a continental network of African funding organizations that facilitates networking and exchange of experiences between established and emerging African philanthropic organizations. 

APN aims to amplify the voice of the best African philanthropy to address social injustice and the continent's development problems. The inaugural session of the APN took place in November 2010 with more than 250 participants.

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In July 2016, the host of the third APN Meeting, bringing together philanthropic leaders to discuss African economic growth through philanthropy development. This year's theme, 'Philanthropy in Africa 2016 – People, Policy and Practice' will include a discussion of the impact of governance on philanthropy while trying to find best practice by building knowledge, research, sharing experiences and skills in each of these critical areas being built.

This program will highlight critical philanthropy in Africa by critical voters such as women, youth and other marginalized groups. This engaging and action-oriented program brings together thought leaders, practitioners, academics, media and other key stakeholders.

The AGN African Philanthropy Award recognizes African philanthropists who strive for lasting institutional change, genuine agreement with community, national and international communities and a vision for African institutions.

The African women lead philanthropy is committed to highlighting the stories of African women's outstanding philanthropists from across the continent and diaspora. In an upcoming publication, we will highlight how the efforts of 18 African women philanthropists have transformed and strengthened the entire continent.

What Is African Philanthropy Network?