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Pediatric orthodontists are orthodontists who specialize in the treatment of children. They typically take care of children from the ages of three to eighteen. What's more, they focus on understanding how a child's development and growth impact their teeth and jaws, which can affect the length and slope of their teeth and jaws. 

Some of the reasons you may need a pediatric orthodontist near you include: correcting jaw problems before they cause serious dental issues, helping children develop proper teeth positions and bite relationships, and preventing tooth decay.

Pediatric Dentist Boynton Beach & Coral Springs - Miller Pediatrics

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What are the benefits of pediatric orthodontics?

If you are looking for a dental provider that specializes in orthodontics for children, then you should contact a pediatric orthodontist. Pediatric orthodontics is a growing field with many benefits for children. Some of these benefits include:

  • Improved dental health: Pediatric orthodontics can help to improve the dental health of children by correcting early tooth alignment and spacing problems. This can prevent future problems with teeth and jaw development.

  • Reduced anxiety and stress: Having teeth that are properly aligned and spaced can help to reduce anxiety and stress levels in children. This is because it can take away some of the feelings of unease or discomfort that children may feel when their teeth are out of alignment.

  • Increased self-esteem: Having healthy teeth and jaws can lead to increased self-esteem in children. This is because it shows that they are taking good care of their oral health and are capable of achieving some degree of oral hygiene.

What Is A Pediatric Orthodontist And Why Would You Need Them?

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