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Fiber is a type of high-speed internet that uses light instead of electromagnetic waves to transmit data. This means that it can travel much farther and faster than traditional internet connections. Fiber is also much more expensive to install, so it’s often only available in wealthier areas. But North Carolina is working to change that.

The state has started investing in fiber optic networks, and it plans to have 1 million homes with access to the service by 2020. That would make North Carolina the fourth most populous state in the country with fiber internet access, behind only Texas, California, and New York.

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North Carolina’s strategy is twofold. First, it’s hoping to attract private companies to build and manage the network. Second, it’s offering subsidies—up to $150 per month for households with an income below $50,000—to help people afford the cost of installing fiber optic cables.

So far, the state has received commitments from seven private companies to invest $2 billion in the project. That should help ensure that everyone in North Carolina has access to fiber within the next few years. 

A fiber optic connection is the future of broadband. Not only is it faster, but it also offers better reliability and security. Plus, there are no data caps, so you can always enjoy the latest streaming content without worrying about how much bandwidth you're using.

If you're in the market for a fiber connection, North Carolina has some great news for you: thanks to government initiatives and private investment, prices for high-speed access are dropping significantly.

What is a Fiber Internet Connection?

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