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A commercial umbrella base is typically made of a heavier gauge metal than a residential one. This is because commercial umbrellas are used in strenuous weather conditions, such as during rain or snow, and the extra weight helps prevent the umbrella from collapsing. 

Additionally, commercial grade umbrellas are often taller than residential ones, which means that they need to be reinforced at the bottom with a thicker metal so that they can support more weight.

Commercial umbrella bases are heavier than residential ones because they are designed to support a larger load. They are also made from stronger materials, which makes them more durable.

One of the benefits of a commercial umbrella base is that it can support a larger load. This means that it can support heavier umbrellas, which is important for businesses that sell umbrellas. It also means that commercial umbrella bases are more durable than residential ones.

Commercial umbrella bases are typically made from steel or aluminum, which makes them strong and durable. They are also easier to install than residential umbrella bases, which is an advantage for businesses that need to set up their umbrellas quickly.

One of the main reasons why commercial umbrella bases are usually heavier than residential ones is because they are made to withstand more weight.

Another reason commercial umbrella bases are usually heavier is because they are designed to be used outdoors. Residential umbrella bases are typically designed to be used indoors, so they are usually made of thinner metal and have less weight capacity.

What Are The Benefits Of A Commercial Umbrella Base?