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A HIAB truck lets you load and unload large objects without the need for a lot of equipment, thereby saving time and money.

The term "HIAB" is used primarily to describe the crane mounted on a truck. HIAB makes a range of equipment for handling loads which is suitable for nearly every load- or unloading process. You can visit to hire a HIAB crane.

The Weights that HIAB Trucks can handle

The weight of the object you'd like to lift and the distance needed to lift it will decide the kind of HIAB truck that you'll need. There are a variety of cranes to meet different requirements for lifting and sizes of vehicles.

hiab crane hire

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Small HIABs

These are small and medium-sized trucks equipped with small capacity HIAB loader cranes. They can lift the maximum weight of 12tm. Despite their small size and lightweight, they can lift various kinds of objects like cable spools and tires and also keep things in place as you work using them.

Medium HIABs

These trucks come with medium-capacity loader cranes that can lift between 12 to 30tm. Medium-sized HIABs can be used for general tasks like transporting gravel, sand, and construction equipment. You can however employ them for more difficult tasks such as lifting large containers.

Heavy-Lifting HIABs

High-capacity HIAB cranes can handle loads that exceed 30 tm. They provide exceptional flexibility and performance. The heavy-lifting trucks fitted with these cranes are ideal for use in tasks that require complicated manipulating and maneuvering, such as construction, installation, and complex salvage operations.

Weights That HIAB Trucks Can Handle
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