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Breweries are very popular in the United States. According to statistics from the Brewer's Association, the United States has more craft breweries than ever before between 1980 and 2012. This is a staggering 28650% increase and a testament to America's love affair with beer. Here are some fun facts about beer that will impress your friends:

1. Ancient Sumerians worshipped a goddess called beer. Sumerians lived in Iraq at the time and developed the first system of writing. They were also fond of beer, so Ninkasi was a patron goddess for brewers. Modern archaeologists discovered the Hymn to Ninkasi on a clay tablet in 1900 BCE. It is basically a recipe to brew Sumerian beer. You can get the best beer with the awesome service at

Number of UK breweries grew 7.5% in 2020 despite pandemic

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2. Modern advertisers may try to make beer appear masculine, but in fact, beer was brewed by women at the start. Breweries in ancient Babylonia were managed by priestesses. Beer was also used in religious ceremonies. In ancient Finland, three women mixed wild honey with bear saliva to create beer. This legend is further north.

3. The first beer was brewed in the United States before the country was known as the United States. Native American tribes made beer from maize, water, and birch sap. In 1612, the Dutch West India Company opened the first commercial brewery in Lower Manhattan.

4. Unwitting genetic engineering by Bavarian monks during the 1400s is what gave rise to Lager. Ale yeast doesn't ferment well in cold temperatures so it was hybridized to another type of yeast that would be more suitable for winter in Bavaria.

5. After Prohibition in the United States was repealed, the Second World War broke out. This resulted in a slow recovery of American breweries, as the grain they needed for their wares was diverted to support soldiers. Prohibition supporters claimed that beer was taking resources and manpower from the war effort. 

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