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There are a few different types of fire restoration.

The first type of restoration is called firefighting. Firefighters use water, foam, and other chemicals to put out the fire. This type of restoration is usually done in an emergency situation, when there is no time to wait for a professional crew.

The second type of restoration is called structural restoration. Structural restoration professionals work on restoring damaged buildings, such as roofs and floors. They use special tools and techniques to repair the damage and prevent further damage from occurring.

The third type of restoration is called environmental restoration. Environmental restoration professionals work to clean up after a fire has been extinguished. They may remove debris, clean up oil spills, and restore wildlife habitats.

Fire restoration is the process of restoring a building or property that has been damaged by fire. There are many different types of fire restoration, each with its own specific goals and requirements.

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Fire restoration can be divided into three main categories: structural, mechanical, and electrical. Structural fire restoration is the most common type, and it involves restoring the building's structural integrity. This includes repairing any damage to walls and ceilings, installing new insulation and roofing material, and replacing any damaged furniture or appliances.

Mechanical fire restoration is responsible for restoring equipment and appliances that were damaged in the fire. This includes repairing burnouts, fixing broken hinges, and replacing burnedout light fixtures.

Electrical fire restoration is concerned with restoring electrical systems and wiring. This includes rewiring rooms, resetting breakers, and replacing burned-out lamps and switches.

Types Of Fire Restoration