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Of all today's on-road vehicle maintenance requirements, tire rotation is an often overlooked but very important factor in extending the life of your tires and ensuring a safe driving experience. 

Rotation is one of the few maintenance tasks that almost anyone can perform – if you can move, you can do your own rotation. Best tire rotation near me can be done by many auto repair shops along with the purchase of other services for free.

Front and rear tires wear out at different speeds

The front tires of almost every vehicle are penalized much heavier than the rear tires. When braking, cornering or parking, the front tires wear out at every turn, especially on front-wheel drive vehicles where the front tires provide the main acceleration force. 

Front tires wear out faster than rear tires and therefore need to be turned. Front tires are usually placed at the back and rear tires in front. Since the rear tires wear more slowly, the tread wear is compensated by a forward shift and the life of all tires is extended.

Reversing a tire does not mean passing it (e.g. left rear tire on right front tire) or changing tires on the same axle (right front tire on left front tire). Over time, tires develop unique wear patterns and these models are usually the result of the effects of suspension and tire alignment systems. In general, it is best to keep the tires on the same side of the vehicle when turning.

Tire Rotation Extends Tread Life