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How nice would it be to have your own, professionally installed 5m telescopic ladder on the house? Most people have a pretty boring wall at the back of the house and they certainly do not have any vertical space to put a ladder. Houses are becoming smaller day by day and all want to make the most of available vertical room. The ironic part of the statement is that using a regular ladder is actually a real pain to retrieve and storing. Fortunately there is an alternative solution to this difficulty, a telescoping ladder featured on

The majority of people who have used a regular 5m telescopic ladder have fallen in love with them. Being able to reach for the ceiling so you do not have to dangle and then climb up and down those beams is such a pleasure! However the only problem with this is that if you are like most people, then you live in an apartment where there just isn't enough vertical space for one of these large ladders. Since there are not many flat areas available, then one of these large ladders becomes the only viable solution. Also, since they are quite bulky and take up a lot of room, they will be extremely unsuitable if you have a small family or just don't like standing up!

5m telescopic ladders come in two varieties, fully extended and half extended. The fully extended style is the same as the name implies, it is 100mm long. As it is quite heavy to move, you will need to be aware that you will need a partner to help you move it around safely. If you are going to buy a fully extended model then be sure that you check that the legs are fully extended to the longest part. It is common for some manufacturers to cut the legs short to save money, but remember once this happens the ladder will become extremely unstable and can cause serious injury if it falls down on you! Half extending models are also available, but the safety issue is not as great as the fully extended model as it tends to be shorter.

Once you have decided which style you would like, it is important to read around a bit and find out what other people think of the ladder. You should read online reviews and blog reviews to find out whether or not the product is reliable, strong and sturdy, and is easy to use. You might also want to read around a bit and see if there are any bad reviews left by previous buyers. It is rare to find a product that has never been reviewed somewhere, so looking at a few reviews is certainly worth doing.

If you decide to go down the route of fully extended models, then you should also think about the type of rungs that will be used on the ladder. Usually the rungs are made out of wood or plastic with the actual climbing portions made from either fiberglass or aluminum. The rungs vary in size and are usually designed to securely support the weight of the climber, but this can vary from one manufacturer to another.

The best telescopic ladders tend to be made from either aluminium or high quality steel. These materials are strong enough to keep the climber attached at all times, as well as being light enough for you to move around with ease. Also try and avoid buying a product that uses plastic or rubber feet, as this can easily bend and wear over time.

Tips to Help You Buy the Best Telescopic Ladder
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