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The right gas mask is important. The type of contamination you are dealing with will determine the effectiveness of the gas mask. Gas masks can protect you against biological substances while others protect you against chemical substances. To protect yourself against certain hazards, make sure that your air-purifying respirator has been approved by a respected government agency.

A gas mask that has been certified by the National Institute of Safety and Health (NIOSH) is a good option if you are a resident of the United States. Make sure you have the right filters. The proper filter will make a gas mask effective. Each type of threat will require a different filter.

Buy Appropriate Filters

There is no single filter that will work for all threats. If you are at risk of a chemical attack from chlorine gas, then you will need a filter that is specifically designed to remove chlorine gas from the air. A filter made specifically for teargas is also required if you are exposed to the threat of chemical attack from chlorine gas.

Test the Gas Mask

You should test the gas mask. You will need to test the gas mask to ensure it is functioning properly. To ensure that your gas mask is working properly, your employer should conduct a test. If you bought your gas mask individually, ask the manufacturer how to test it at home. Every mask is unique so you'll need to consult your employer or manufacturer to find out how to test it.

Tips on Buying and Testing a Gas Mask