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If you are looking to upgrade your BMW car, you have probably searched the internet for the best deals on BMW parts and accessories. Deciding to buy replacement parts or refurbished BMW parts online is a great option because it can save you money. You can also find genuine "BMW accessories" ( also known as the "BMW accessoires" in the Dutch language) through the internet.

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There are many brands and products to choose from in the OEM parts and parts area. There are several terms used in the after-sales, original, OEM, OEA, and OES industries in the after-sales and OEM industries, and some people get confused by these terms. It is important to have a proper understanding of the requirements so that you can make the right decisions when purchasing parts and accessories.

BMW auto parts for aftermarket

These parts are not transferred to the big car manufacturers. Although the auto parts maker is not tied to any major auto manufacturer, it produces parts that fit and function exactly like OEMs because they are made with the same materials and equipment.

Genuine auto parts for BMW

This term simply means that BMW parts are presented in genuine BMW packaging. A spare part is always considered genuine if it has a BMW stamp or is packaged in the original BMW packaging. Please note that these parts are supplied to the manufacturer of the respective product and not to the actual BMW company. Call it an OEM company that makes special parts for BMW.

OEM auto parts from BMW

Original equipment manufacturers and genuine BMW parts are actually the same product. However, the company has its own packaging for the product rather than bringing it to BMW to be packed under the BMW brand.

Original Equipment Parts (OEA) or BMW Original Equipment Supplier (OES)

A company can produce genuine parts for other auto manufacturers. However, if they never make parts for BMW, they will never be considered genuine BMW parts or BMW OEM parts.

Now that you have an idea of the terms you will see when searching for BMW auto parts on the internet, you can use them to make the right choice for your car. Also, check the warranty policy and company credentials.

The Terms You See When Buying BMW Parts Online
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