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Vacuum bag machines are underrated greatly by many, but there are so many uses for the butcher and the food industry in general. The Orved vacuum pack machine in particular has a larger room size making it ideal for sealing a wide variety of foods.

The sealed food remains freshly sealed for later use. The orved vacuum packaging machine is excellent catering equipment that will save you a lot of time packing your food. Your customers will appreciate the freshly sealed ingredients and will come back to learn more.

Vacuum Pack Machine - Single Chamber Vacuum Packager Machine Manufacturer  from Mumbai

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The following is a list of uses for the vacuum pack machines.


You can quickly and easily wrap and seal raw meat for cold storage. Either you can pack cooked or processed meat for refrigeration. Sealed meat is useful not only in terms of freshness but also for hygienic purposes.

Fruit Packs:

Since the vacuum packaging machines have a large chamber, you can put a bunch of fruit such as bananas in the chamber and wrap it. You can do this with all kinds of fruit, or you can wrap different fruit together.

Green Salad:

Everyone knows that the best way to ensure the freshness of lettuce is to make sure it is tightly closed to keep air out. Place the lettuce ball in the vacuum packing machine room, suction the air out of the bag, and close it.


You can package vegetables like asparagus, eggplant, tomatoes, and corn to keep them fresh longer.


Cheese will die quickly if not placed in an airtight container. Hence, it is a great food product for vacuum sealing to keep it fresh and minimize cheese odors.

The Orved Vacuum Pack Machine Has Multiple Uses