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Corporate housing is a type of accommodation that is usually provided by businesses and organizations to their staff. It can be in the form of an apartment, house, or suite, and is usually located close to the company's workplace. Corporate housing can be a great way for employees to live close to work and save on commuting costs, and it can also offer a sense of community for staff members. 

When looking for contractors accommodation and Corporate Housing in Plymouth provides apartments, shared houses, or dedicated office spaces, our corporate housing team can help connect you with the perfect option. 

There are many benefits to corporate housing, including: 

-It can be a great way for employees to live close to work and save on commuting costs.

-It can offer a sense of community for staff members.

-It can be convenient for staff members who need to travel to work.

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Types of Corporate Housing

There are a few different types of corporate housing that companies can choose from. 

The first type is called a leased space. Leased spaces are usually furnished and include all the necessary equipment, such as internet, phones, and conference rooms. This is the most common type of corporate housing because it is relatively affordable and doesn’t require any special maintenance or upkeep. 

The second type is called an on-site facility. On-site facilities are usually more expensive than leased spaces, but they offer a lot more features and flexibility. They typically include everything that leased spaces have, plus private bathrooms and kitchens. 

The last type is called an apartment complex. Apartment complexes typically offer a higher level of service than either leased spaces or on-site facilities, but they can be more expensive than those two options. They usually include pools, tennis courts, and other amenities that can make them more desirable for some companies.

The Essential Guide To Corporate Housing Plymouth