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Coffee-based drinks are of many types, from drip coffee to your favorite Starbucks frappe. In this blog, we will discuss espresso-based drinks.

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What's the Difference Between Espresso and Coffee?

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Espresso is basically the basis of all the drinks mentioned above:


Latte has a higher proportion of steamed milk than foam. An espresso drink is made of espresso, braised foam, and milk. What does a latte do to a flat white or a cappuccino? Well, the differentiating factor is the foam.


A cappuccino consists of espresso, foam, and boiled milk like a latte. Expect more foam in your drink compared to a latte. Wet cappuccinos have a slightly higher proportion of boiled milk. The dry cappuccino has almost no milk foam.

Flat white

Flat White contains every ingredient of a latte and cappuccino. Flat white has the least foam of the three, followed by lattes and cappuccinos. Also, there is no specific definition for flat white.


It is usually made with milk, espresso, foam, and cocoa powder or syrup. Mocha is one of the most popular drinks that help to get addicted to those who have just started drinking coffee.


Espresso is basically the basis of all the drinks mentioned above. Espresso is typically thicker than coffee made by other methods and has a higher concentration of suspended and dissolved solids with cream.


The Espresso Based Coffee Beverages for Your Next Event
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