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Green pest control doesn't mean ineffective pest treatment. It is all about integrated pest management or IPM. Pest control companies that embrace IPM believe prevention, education and client awareness are just as important as controlling pests.

What is green pest control?

Integrative pest management starts with understanding how and why pests entered a building or home. This field is populated with professionals who are familiar with the life cycle and preferred nesting areas of pests. They are therefore able to devise bed bug treatments strategies that are least harmful to plants, property, and people.

Green Pest Control Services

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Pest control professionals may use preventative measures instead of using harmful chemicals to stop pests returning. This includes new window and door screens, fresh caulking and new door sweeps. As an alternative to harmful chemicals, the professionals can also install solar-powered repellants or set up traps.

Green Pest Control: The Benefits

Organic and natural ingredients are used to make green pest control products. These products can be recycled and are effective as non-green alternatives.

Because they are biologically-based, green pest management practices can help improve the health and structure of plants. 

Green pest control is a combination of observation, prevention, and intervention. This allows consumers to feel confident that they are not causing harm to the environment by removing pests from their homes. If you do need professional assistance with pest control, green pest management is the best option.

The Basics Of Green Pest Control Services In Lake Orion MI