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Most children love sweets like honey, chocolate, candy, and caramel. Sometimes they eat too much to develop into cavities. Even if your children are aware that they are brushing their teeth, eating too much can cause them to because toothbrushes do not always remove food particles.

Cavities apply not only to children but also to adults. A common cause of tooth decay in adults is poor oral hygiene. They tend to forget a lot, especially when they are in a hurry to get to their destination on time. You can also consult a dentist for professional cavity fillings in Bend (Oregon).

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Some eat late at night – if they eat too late at night, especially if the food they eat is high in carbohydrates, they become drowsy and this can cause them to forget to brush their teeth.

You will notice this when you wake up in the morning and have bad breath in the morning. If children and adults continue to do this, they will develop cavities, and if this is not prevented they will get worse.

Most cavities are not visible in the early stages because they are felt every day. You will know if there is a cavity if symptoms such as:

  • The most common symptom when a person has tooth decay or bumps and tears is a toothache. Irritation or infection of the tooth pulp is usually the cause of pain.
  • Bad breath. Sometimes people with bad breath may not notice it, but those around them will. Strong bad breath can be felt by the person himself.
  • Has a bad taste in the mouth, especially when swallowing saliva.
  • There is a tooth filling that is loose.
  • Broken teeth or pressure-sensitive teeth.
  • There are black, brown, white, or gray spots on the teeth.

Symptoms worsen or become more painful when people with cavities eat candy, drink cold or hot drinks, and acidic drinks such as soft drinks and essential juices.

Symptoms Of Dental Cavities