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For effective food service management, customer satisfaction is paramount. Each member of the management team has a task to do. Any flaws in carrying the task create a domino effect that automatically plunges the food facility into hot water.

There is a management team such as Finediner in every restaurant, fast food restaurant, coffee shop, and any other type of institution that provides food service. The team consists mainly of the General Manager, Assistant Manager, and Executive Chef.

Management team duties

The general manager is responsible for overseeing the overall flow of operations. The manager checks every minute detail about the catering offered, the performance of the employees, and the financial aspects of the company.

The assistant manager is responsible for investigating everything from the kitchen, dining room, housekeeping, and security. The assistant manager reports to the general manager on the progress of operations.

The chef takes care of all the cooking activities. This includes running the kitchen, planning daily menus, and maintaining effective food service management.

Good quality food service manager

The food service manager was on time and the first to come and the last to leave.

Foodservice managers must be able to handle multitasking activities. The manager makes sure that everything is in order from the kitchen to the banquet hall to the food, plates, and linens, and helps the chef plan the menu.

Foodservice managers must communicate effectively and deal with customers and business negotiations. To work with customers and employees, managers must be equipped with a wide range of communication skills.

The popularity of the food industry is growing. Lots of people having dinner. Whether a sophisticated experience, fast food, or banquet service, customers demand good food, service, and price.

Role of Food Service Management
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