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Today it seems more and more that we can now try a little self-study from the many tasks we should have completed ten years ago. We remember creating a website years ago and having to pay someone to register my domain name. To be honest, some people still do this because they don’t like the whole technical side of registering their domain name. Luckily, doing it yourself has never been easier, and the good thing is that it can be done in ten minutes.

The best domain registrars are certified and registered by ICANN at, which means “Internet Company for Assigned Names and Numbers”. Remember that there are lots of registrars out there today. So if you decide to go for a specific domain name, we would recommend buying from one of the bigger and more established companies in the industry.

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It doesn’t matter where you purchased your domain name in terms of registration. These are the same steps you took to complete this task. First, think about your choice of the domain name. What it says about you Many people doing business online see this as their personal brand. So think of a few names and then you can move on to your registration.

Make sure the domain you choose is available. All registrars have a search box on their website that allows you to enter any domain and they will see if the domain is in use when it expires. Your domain name will then be displayed. Then when you choose the extension you want to buy, such as .com, and so on, after clicking and purchasing your domain name, you will receive a confirmation email from your registrar.

Registering Your Domain Name – Learn To Do It Yourself The Easy Way