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1: As Your Bedside Reading Light

Choose a lamp that has at least 40 lumens, and a dimming switch instead of a lamp that only has a few settings. This allows you to adjust the amount of light that you require for reading. It is often surprising how much light you actually need. Buy Best USB Rechargeable LED Headlamps Online on Hokolite that will also prevent bright reflections from shining back into your eyes.

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2 – As Your Hands-Free Flashlight

Make sure your LED light has a sturdy backside plate or an adjustable hinge. This will give you a better grip when holding the light.

3: Be the Home Bartender for Your Next Outdoor Gathering

This light is hands-free and perfect for lighting your yard. Simply strap your head torch on, adjust the hinge and you have an abundance of light shining right in front you. Choose a light model that looks cool. Look for one that is slimmer so it doesn't look like you have a flashlight on your forehead.

4 – Take it with you in the woods to use as an emergency beacon

Make sure your headlamp has a strobe that can be set in either a red or white light setting. Why? Because you may prefer to use a strobe lamp so that others can see you, but you don't want your night vision to be affected. It has been proven that red light does not affect your night vision.

5 – Walking your dog – where hands-free lighting is critical

Make sure your headlamp has a strobe light setting. This will allow you to switch between strobe and white light settings during your walk to make sure you are visible to others

Practical Headlamp Applications and 5 Must-Have Headlamp Capabilities