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When we talk about golf, it will appear green golf courses and bright sunshine in our minds. Yes, it's a golf course that looks like we saw in our lives.

It makes us curious about what does a war zone look like? It will be the most extreme golf in the world, not to mention the half-a-dozen heavily armed bodyguards fan out around him and scan the Golf Club course, what we are talking about is just the course.

It is one big hazard, with unfair fairways of rock and thistles, sand-and-oil "greens" and the chance of falling into a ditch making even the wicked traditional sand traps and water hazards seem benign. You can also get golf course in Wiscons by visiting

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The most important tip for playing in such a course is to play aggressively. There are no gimmes. Don't even ask for the stroke index. The tee boxes seem invisible in the scruffy terrain, except for the one who has a scratch handicap and plays the course like the pro that he is.

The fairways can barely be distinguished from the rough and are scarred by ditches every 20 yards or so in preparation for a sprinkler system and dream of covering the course in the grass, but it has been like that for a year.

The golf courses are grey there and made from sand and waste oil in an effort to provide a smooth surface. Playing on the most extreme golf course is a very different experience from the other courses. You can get an extreme experience.

Playing on The Most Extreme Golf Course
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