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If you have ever had a migraine then you are well aware of the kinds of trouble that it can cause and the very real problems that it can bring to your everyday life. For those who suffer frequently from migraine, though, there is now hope and a way like treatment of pain management in Honolulu that might promise relief.

The Food and Drug Administration has now approved a special device that can help treat the pain that they cause and it is known as a Cerena Transcranial Magnetic Stimulator. For the millions of people suffering from migraine, the FDA is optimistic.

The Food and Drug Administration defines these as a headache that is accompanied by a specific pain in one part of your head, nausea, pulsing, sensitivity to light, and vomiting.

If these aren't treated properly, they can last up to three days and cause you to put aside any responsibilities that you have. To be sure, doctors will have to diagnose whether or not you suffer from migraine or some other medical problem, though.

To help with migraine, a Cerena TMS unit will be acquired with a prescription from a pain management clinic. In the testing, 201 different people used it and many of them experienced results.

Your pain management clinic can tell you more, but it seems like this device might be a great way of relieving some of the pain associated with chronic migraine.

The painful experience that many people are forced to deal with can interfere with your life and cause you to miss out on much of your life, so any relief is welcome. Talk to your pain management clinic doctor if you think that this might be beneficial in your particular case.

New Pain Management Treatments For Migraine