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If you are a student at university, then A level or GCSE it is more than likely that you will have to write an essay at some point or another to get the best grade; In my experience, there are some easy to follow secrets to get great marks for interesting and thought-provoking work.

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My Top Tips For Writing Top Quality Essays

1) Follow a set structure – don’t get carried away at one point or your essay can be difficult to understand:

– Your introduction will identify what the question is asking, and/or the argument you are actually advocating, and then how you will set your answer.

– Your middle paragraphs are points that follow the evidence to back it up and then clarify how this evidence proves your point, relating it back to the original questions.

– The conclusion then tells how the numbers came together for a particular. Then you need to give your own reassuring opinion on the matter after conducting the investigation.

2) Plan Your Essay – If you have basic guidelines, then you should be able to slip in the relevant information to write the essay.

3) Don’t Waffle – If you keep the formula of point, proof, explanation then you will be successful as long as everything is relevant to the question.

4) Support your own opinion in your talk but distance others as well – you can say ‘Some people advocate this…- You have to recognize all the arguments and till then feel free to rank them.

5) Write as if you know what you are talking about – Have faith in your well-explained things.

6) Once you follow the points given above, you should have a well laid out, well reasoned, concise, informative, persuasive, and professional essay. Now it’s not a shame – make sure that the more you read, the more sure English is correct.

My Top Tips For Writing Top Quality Essays