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If you really want to make a lasting impact on your customers, send them personalized calendars. A survey of 1,050 businesses and calendar use conducted by Promotional Products Association International, reveals that 94% of respondents keep the advertising calendars given to them as complimentary gifts. 

This is an incredibly high retention rate for any promotional material, especially for a B2B product. This shows the potential personalized calendars have as an effective marketing tool for business promotions. If you also want custom calendar printing for business, then refer to for the personalised calendar in Dublin.

The calendar printing season starts from the middle towards the end of the year, and distribution starts around the holidays. There’s only a short window when people will want calendars, so care has to be taken to plan and send them at the right time. Make full use of this time by creating your own personalized calendars. 

A personalized calendar will help spread your brand and keep you at the forefront of your customer’s attention all year long — maybe longer. Here is a compilation of some useful tips when creating calendars for business promotions

Choosing Themes

  • Think about an appropriate theme. It’s best if the theme is related to your brand and message. Avoid going for themes that are too trendy, as you might run the risk of them getting dated even before the year is up. List down your thoughts or create a draft or a sketch of your calendars then refine your ideas from there.

  • For wall calendars, come up with a unique design for each month. Wall calendars have multiple pages and plenty of space for different design concepts. List down your concept for each month’s design. This will help you construct ideas that better fit the overall theme.

Make Personalized Calendars From Dublin For Effective Business Promotions