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There are many reasons why people sell or buy property and possessions. There are over ten thousand estate/garage sales companies in the US. And there are even more consumers interested in purchasing goods from people. It's no exaggeration that millions of Americans have either become consumers or are interested in selling on vast marketplaces such as eBay and Craigslist.

Many large estate sale companies have their own websites that allow them to sell online. However, these sites are expensive to build and maintain. The websites display only the company's products, which decreases their potential buyers. These companies should list their products in larger virtual malls that attract a larger audience at a lower price. You can know more about estate sales at


It's not a new idea to have a virtual booth in an online shopping mall. Amazon and other big online retailers use it. A platform with many virtual booths allows each buyer to have a better experience than if they were to open a shop in their own company. 

Although virtual malls may offer online auctions to all participants, actual estate sales and face-to-face meetings (where goods are exchanged) should still be part of the business model.

Most estate/garage selling companies are small businesses and have no website. Some are hands-on and prefer to do business with walk-ins. These companies would be well-served if they added an online component to the business, preferably on a platform that combines online auctions with traditional estate/garage sales.

Combining the features of the online auction with traditional estate/garage sales can be a boon for all companies, large and small. While sales organizers can significantly expand their traditional market, they will still be able to offer new buyers the promise of "What you see is what you get". 

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