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When your car breaks down, you don't go out and buy a new one, right?  And when your grass is overgrown, you don't get up and move into a new house, of course not. You can also choose your sharpening package through various online sources.

So, when your kitchen cutting tools start to dull, why throw them away when you can use a good knife sharpener? There are knife sharpeners in different shapes and in different price ranges. Read on for some tips on choosing the best sharpener for your budget to get your cutting tools in shape.

Sharpening a knife is a very basic process that has been used for thousands of years. To sharpen a knife, you just need to sharpen it on a stone or other rough surface. You may be wondering, why not take a rock from your garden and be brave? 

Unfortunately, it's not that simple, and in fact, doing so will likely do more harm than good. While it's important that the whetstone has a rough surface, large bumps in natural stone can damage your blade, but it's important to only use stones made for this purpose.

While it is possible to manually sharpen the blade on the stone, you can consider a more complicated setting for the evenest edges. For example, a clay stick arrangement, where two sticks fix the whetstone to keep the angle fixed. This is important to get the sharpness you want on your blade. Another similar method uses an adaptive mounting configuration to hold the stone in place and maintain its angle.

When sharpening a knife, it is important to find the right angle. Each blade has a certain sharpness – sharpening it at a different angle can make the blade too sharp or too blunt for its primary function. 

Knife Sharpeners For The Professional