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The time has come to empty your cask, or prepare your barrels for storage and pouring. Whether you choose to bottle or cask your whisky will depend on how you want it to be consumed. Here we discuss in detail about advantages of investing in whisky barrels

It is a good idea to use a smaller tasting cask to store and pour your fermented whisky. Your product will be negatively affected if you expose your aged grape juice to oxygen. Your smaller cask will likely empty faster, reducing oxygen exposure.

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Your aged grape juice will taste and be affected by oxygen. It is a good idea to empty the cask you used for aging and then fill it with your whisky. The best choice is to use an oak cask or stainless steel cask as a second barrel. If your cask is leaking, you need to fix it. You will need to pour very hot water into your cask. 

Rotate or roll your cask to get the water out. This should be done at least three times. Next, pour your aged whisky back into your cask. Bottling can be an additional expense. Bottles and corks are expensive. If you plan to sell your whisky, labels, foil caps, and bar codes will be essential. Bottling is the best option if you are looking to give a whiskey as a gift. 

Investing In Oak Whisky Cask Or Bottles