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A Low Loader is a very heavy-duty trailer that has the lowest running height available, making it an extremely specialist type of trailer. It is a semi-trailer that has two drops in deck height, one drop right after the gooseneck, and one drop in front of the rear axles.

This allows the deck to be extremely low versus normal trailers. It offers the ability to carry legal loads up to 12' tall that other trailers could not. Companies that deal with heavy machinery, find the low-loader trailer quite useful. If you are also involved in a construction project, then you must buy low-loaders via

The easiest way to transport heavy machines from one place to another is by using this type of semi-trailer. These machines come with powerful hydraulic suspension and special features such as low loading height and length-optimized loading platform. These two features are the main reason why the low-loader trailers are considered cost-effective machines.

There are several types of low-loader trailers available in the market. You can find a fixed gooseneck trailer, fixed neck, hydraulic detachable gooseneck, mechanically-detachable gooseneck, and a mechanical folding gooseneck low loader trailer. You can choose one according to your requirements.

Believe it or not, the low-loader trailers are the best choice for transporting heavy machines.


Introduction To Low Loader Trailers