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Regardless of which VR headset you’re using, the number one thing I can recommend is that you do not put the VR headset on like most people do. For the most part, you'll see people pulling the headphones down by first placing the bottom of the strap on the back of their head and then pulling it over their eyes – like a baseball cap.

But if you wear glasses, it will most likely damage your face even more. Instead, you should do the opposite. There are many companies available that provide the best lenses for virtual reality headsets. The Oculus Quest 1 & Rift S Prescription Lenses is one of the best lenses to opt for VR headsets.

First, press the headphones against your face, making sure your glasses fit and don't hit the lenses, then pull the straps behind your head, more like wearing swimming goggles.

Then, after placing them nicely on your head, I recommend sliding your glasses forward slightly and sliding the protruding side frames closer to your ears. When you wear headphones, they usually press the glasses against your face, but that allows you to have a little more room to make them more comfortable.

Finally, make sure the headphone strap is not pressing against your ear or your ears on either side.

How To Wear Glasses In VR With Oculus Quest 2 And Other Headsets?