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How do hookahs work? It's very simple – no magic here! Tobacco in a bowl is heated with the help of charcoal. When coal heats tobacco – separated by foil or thin sheets – smoke is produced. 

When inhaled, the smoke is drawn through a water bottle or vase and cooled before being inhaled into the lungs. You can also buy shisha online through various online sites.

Some Important Things About Shisha

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Some Fun Facts about Hookahs As hookah smoking grows in popularity, broaden your horizons with some interesting facts about hookahs. Something to be proud of about the hookah, right?

  • Often referred to as skewers tobacco, shisha tobacco is traditionally a combination of tobacco, molasses, and fruit. 

  • In the 19th century, because of the time it took to smoke a bowl of skewers, most women quit smoking water pipes, while men were busier than ever.

  • The water in the shisha is not a 100% guarantee of clearing the smoke, but it cools it down.

  • Double Apple and Mint are two of the most popular shisha flavors in the world.

  • Shishas are traditionally on the floor and not on a table or other high platform.

Getting into a hookah can be fun. But, like any conversation, there is a learning curve in using a hookah. Before you dive into the world of hookah smoking, let's take this route to not only understand how to use a hookah but also to see what all the different parts do and how a hookah works.

How To Use Hookah