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Are you confused about the operation of a snow blower in wet snow? Well, there is a huge population who don’t know how to use a snow blower in wet snow. Using a snow blower in wet snow without having the right knowledge can lead to frustration, damage, and finger amputation.

There is a technique to use a snow blower in wet snow and that is what we are going to discuss here today. But, before you do so, make sure you buy the best snow blowers, which you can after going through consumer reports on best snow blowers.

Tips to use a snow blower in wet snow:

  1. If you are planning to buy a single-stage snow blower, then it won’t be used to clear wet snow. The auger of the snow blower will touch the ground, but it isn’t compatible with gravel.
  2. You need to get a double-stage snow blower, which has all the features of a single-stage snow blower along with a few extra ones such as, two elevated augers, impeller, and power-assisted wheels. With two augers, it can process more snow and easily glide over gravel.
  3. You can also consider a three-stage snowblower, which has an accelerator and two collection augers, which allow the appliance to collect snow 10 times faster compared to a 2-stage snowblower.
  4. Make sure to coat the chute with something sticky, as wet snow is sticky and can stick around the chute.
  5. Move the machine slowly and pause it every 5 feet to discharge the accumulated snow.
  6. Throw the wet snow as far as you can. Run the machine at full throttle but slowly. Also, raise the chute diverter to its maximum level and use the wind to your advantage.
  7. Timing is very important so make sure to clear the wet snow before it gets 6 inches in height.

Keep these tips in mind and you will be able to get rid of wet snow without damaging the machine and injuring yourself.

How To Use A Snow Blower In Wet Snow?