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Thumb sucking is one of the first coordinated actions by babies for comfort and pleasure. Parents usually begin to worry too early about how to stop the habits of their children. There is no need to stop this problem before the age of four years unless parents see the problem on their teeth because of sucking a strong thumb.

Why sucking a thumb is a problem: –

1. Sucking a thumb causes serious problems if it continues long after permanent teeth eruption. The problem becomes more serious if it continues after the age of four and five. You can find tguard thumb via

2. The prolonged finger and sucking thumb can make crowded bent teeth or bite problems.

3. A child can also experience talk problems or problems by swallowing properly.

4. Dental malformations can affect children's appearance and cause further emotional problems. Most children exceed this behavior with their pre-school years until then relatively harmless. The best way to make your child stop sucking his thumb is to find a way to help him do it.

Do it

1. Talk about bad germs in our hands and how children put them in his mouth while pampering themselves in sucking thumbs up.

2. Be careful of removing your child's finger from his mouth while sleeping

3. Give attention and observe your child if the conflict or anxiety provokes thumb sucking. If so, help him find a healthier way to handle stress.

4. Prize your child for progress made towards its destination.

5. Cat something that feels bad in his thumb, like a vinegar or pickled juice.

6. Turn your child's attention when you see him put his thumb in his mouth. If you involve it in an activity that requires both hands, he must spend a thumbs up from his mouth to do the task. Save the child's hand is busy with toys, puzzles, or other interesting activities.

How To Stop Thumb Sucking By Your Child
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