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There are many communication channels, such as Private conversations, phone calls, and others. However, choosing the most appropriate communication channel is not an easy task. 

Different interactive methods for business are suitable for transmitting different types of messages. The first factor is the message element. You need to know what the elements of the message are. 

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Is it a private message? Is that good news or bad news? If the message is very personal, you should choose an individual communication channel, such as a phone call or face-to-face conversation. 

The second factor is the speed of feedback. How quickly do you want other people to answer you? How quickly do you want to learn important information from others? If speed is critical, you may need to use a phone call or telegram. 

If you don't need instant feedback, you might be able to use a different email or voicemail. The third factor is the need to leave a permanent record. 

If permanent records are important, usually for business purposes, you should get your message across through notes, letters, reports, or suggestions. 

Email is another way to leave notes but is not considered official as notes and letters. Remember, email helps keep track of what you say, so don't send email without double-checking.

Each communication channel plays a different role. Get to know them and compare them before sending your message. This can help you get your message across more efficiently and effectively.

How to Select The Best Communication Channel to Convey Your Message