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Most companies follow the traditional rules of recruiting. You write a job description, you place an ad on Monster, and you hope that you receive some good résumés that hopefully match the job ad that you posted. You then sit back and wait for candidates to come to you.You can check this link to know more about sale and marketing recruitment.

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This method doesn’t work very well right now, because most of the good people don’t necessarily look for jobs that way and don’t post their résumés on Monster. They network with their friends and their close associates within their industry in order to keep abreast of great job opportunities. They also follow their managers and leaders to new companies.

As an employer, you need to shift tactics. Think about where people are going and how they’re building their networks. You need to break into those networks so that you can find the best candidates.

If your company has traditionally posted ads  any other employment websites, you might want to reconsider your approach and start networking with people in your industry, so that when the time comes to find the people you’re looking for, you’ll already have a great Rolodex to tap into, in order increase your sales and marketing staff.


How To Search For Top Sales And Marketing Talent?