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Sexual harassment is a serious topic. This can result in loss of productivity and can open your organization to lawsuits, but more than anything preventing it is just the right thing to do. The problem with sexual harassment prevention training is that it is a difficult topic for people to discuss because it makes them uncomfortable. Running a training session needs to keep in mind the seriousness of the topic combined with the uncomfortable aspect of the subject itself.

After you determine the training date, the first step is to send the “invitation” that explains specifically what will be discussed in the session. It is important for the participants to realize exactly what will be covered. In addition, send pre-training surveys for them to fill. Surveys must be anonymous in nature to get the right answer. This type of survey can be found in most harassment training packages.

In the training session itself, a training video approved by the company can help break the ice. Most training videos are 15-20 minutes long and cover the subtle aspects of harassment in the form of sketches followed by legal experts who discuss it. Your participants will be more likely to talk and share if they see the program first. Plus, this problem generally comes with a pre-artificial agenda which will greatly reduce the amount of time to prepare sessions.

Before, during and after training it is very important that you take the topic seriously. There will be participants who want to tell jokes or underestimate the process. Don’t be angry but firm about the policy and never laugh or smile at a joke. The participants will key off you and decide if the organization is serious about stopping Sexual Harassment.

How to Run a Sexual Harassment Training Session