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It is not enough to do damage control if you want to manage your online reputation consistently. After you've dealt with the most serious issues, you need a plan that addresses the upkeep.

Reacting is not good in online reputation management. It's better to be proactive and catch up. The goal is to become proactive. You can consult The Reputation People for continuous monitoring, tracking, and updating.

Are you able to prevent more negative reviews?

You can't unless you diligently censor any mentions online that put your business in a negative light. If that happens, it is a waste of time and you should stop.

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You will always have someone who isn't impressed by your product or service. They might be vocal about it. While you can't stop them from leaving negative reviews, you can minimize the damage they can do to your product or service.

How can bad reviews be lessened?

The narrative should be controlled. You can't control what other people think about you so it's best to let them talk about you wherever you are.

You can invite the conversation to take place in your space, such as your Facebook page, website, or Twitter account. Create a Facebook page if you don't have one. You should have a customer feedback page.

How to Maintain Your Online Reputation?