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When Facebook announced Messenger Bot it gave the world a new way to engage with users. Because the bot can execute any action a user can connect directly with the bot and ask the bot any question they might have. A Messenger Chatbot is a mobile web-based agent that is capable of doing practically anything on a cell phone, provided there is access to a web browser.

The Facebook Messenger Bot is operated by users through their app, just like Facebook's own Messenger application. They are different in one significant way: with a ChatBot, the user can reach the bot via a cell phone browser.

The main purpose of this Messenger Bot application is to help businesses grow by automating the recruitment process and improving conversion rates. Through a Messenger Chatbot, recruiters can use the device as a real-time call center and not just a regular internet call center.

To understand how the bots work and what advantages they have over traditional HR tools, let's examine the capabilities of a phone call center where a business owner can hire staff. It requires human interaction between the business owner and his/her staff members for the first conversation, then follows by email or SMS to set up the job.

Now, if a business owner were to contact his/her employees through a call center, he/she would have to follow the same process to set up the appointment. There are also professional employees who can answer any questions from his/her associates right away.

The ultimate goal is the same: to cut the cost of recruiting while maintaining the standards of quality for the company. But now a new feature has been added to that basic solution. It is the ability to have these calls set up right away and efficiently without calling people individually.

With a mobile web browser, the business owner can set up a call to recruit employees and assign them to recruiters on the basis of the prospective candidates. Unlike a traditional call center, which could take weeks to locate a person, the Mobile web-based agent is able to find and connect with the appropriate candidate immediately. Moreover, they can ask for all the necessary information.

This is possible because of the system built into Messenger Chatbot. This system enables its users to organize their appointments and notifications on a calendar. They can set reminders for specific hours and they can customize the emails sent to them based on specific criteria.

Furthermore, businesses need to have good communication systems to promote the growth of their organizations. This means having chatbots built-in, as the only viable alternative.

With the help of modern-day technology, the business owner is able to automate the whole process of recruiting. And he/she doesn't have to waste valuable time trying to contact his/her staff personally to put their appointment on. With a single click, the employer can reach his/her staff within minutes, right in the middle of a busy day.

Another advantage that the business owner gets with a mobile web browser chatbot is the fact that they can set up customized channels to meet their specific needs. For example, they can set up a multi-modal channel, including audio calls and video calls that are designed to make it easier for its users to respond to employees' inquiries and tasks.

And last but not least, a Mobile web browser is simply a gateway to communication. It lets you communicate with people instantly and allows you to record all your messages in the system.

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