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Every year, millions of people across the country are injured in slip and fall accidents. Some people even died from serious injuries. If he slips and falls on someone else's property, the property owner may be to blame. If someone slips and falls on this property, they must determine who is at fault. You can also take help from a slip and fall injury attorney to determine the fault.

The person or company that maintains the object or the actual owner of the object must ensure that there is no foreseeable cause of damage to the object. For example, in a mall, if the floor is wet from mopping, staff should install safety cones around the area or put up warning signs to warn customers not to walk on wet and slippery floors. Otherwise, malls can be held liable if someone slips, falls, and injures themselves.

Injuries from slips and falls can be caused by dangerous surfaces people walk on, torn carpets, slippery roads, unsafe floorboards, cracks in sidewalks, inappropriate warnings about imminent dangerous situations, etc. To determine if your injury was caused by someone else, you must determine whether the circumstances that caused the slip and fall were extraordinary or could have been easily avoided.

If the property owner has done everything possible to warn the public of the danger, he cannot be held liable. If this condition occurs frequently and other people do not slip and fall, the owner is not responsible.

How To Determine Fault Of A Slip And Fall Injury In New York