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All babies have a natural desire to suck their thumbs. The general guideline is that when a child's permanent teeth begin to grow, this is the time to break the habit. Typically, children between 4 and 2 years of age start breaking their habit. You can visit if you would like to learn more about the thumb sucking habit in young children.

How can I stop sucking my kid’s thumb sucking?

First of all, remember that many children use thumb sucking as a sedative, and the mechanism of action should be exchanged for something else whenever possible. When children reach the age where they can understand the reasons for the problem, simply explain to the child why it is a problem and try to think together.

Bear in mind that this can lead to jagged teeth and use it to understand that this can have a negative effect. The ADA states that children who normally put their hands in their mouths are easily distracted, while children who are breastfeeding aggressively may find it more difficult to think about changes.

If your child is stubborn, here are some tips and tricks. Make sure to do this every time before their usual habit of inhaling their thoughts such as B. before bed and rest.

Put a bandage on your thumb

Put your thumb in the vinegar along with other harmful flavourings

If a child is clueless because of worry, try changing one stress reliever mechanism to another.

How Can I Stop Sucking My Kids Thumb Sucking Habit?