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Bunions are usually painful enlargements on the medial forefoot on the great toe joint on the feet. They are generally associated with a deviation of the big toe laterally that is referred to as hallux valgus. They are generally as a result of inherited risk along with the using of footwear that is not adequate for the feet. Bunions are usually painful due to force from your shoes as well as coming from damage inside the great toe joint.

The main approach to deal with a bunion is to purchase the proper fitting shoes to make sure that there is no force on the oversized bone. This can be important because it would help with the symptoms and often will assist with stopping or slowing down the progress of the bunion so it doesn't get much worse. The use of suitable footwear is important to avoid this to start with. Felt pads surrounding the bunion to stop the shoe from applying force on the bunion may also be used to help with the signs or symptoms. The pads should help with the pressure on the bunion, but occasionally it fails to. Strapping is occasionally used to attempt to get some modification in the angle of the big toe, particularly if the discomfort within the great toe joint is much more intense and requires to settle before other treatments being considered. There are a few exercises which often assist which get recommended to help keep the hallux joint mobile and also flexible. This is ideal for bunion that have more discomfort within the hallux joint.

An alternative choice could be the bunion correctors which are a splint which are purported to retain the big toe in the appropriate place. Bunion correctors require to be used at night and the data is they can result in a small improvement with the angle of the great toe or hallux after several months of use, that is a great deal of work for a tiny gain. On the other hand, the bunion correctors do tend to be helpful with reducing some of the discomfort that's associated with problems within the great toe or hallux joint.

The best way to essentially eradicate bunions is to use surgery treatment. The surgery treatment that's needed for bunions can be quite intricate. It is actually even further complicated since the feet being a weight bearing area of the body so there could possibly end up being quite a amount of impairment in the short term after surgery treatment. There are lots of surgical options which cover anything from simply chopping off the lump of the bunion taken off to a major reconstruction that may include operative repositioning of various bones to attempt to fix the hallux valgus. The complexity of the surgical procedures will determine just how much rehab is called for following the surgery. The decision as to what surgical procedure is done is determined by which bones, muscles and ligaments take part in the bunion deformity and the personal preferences of the doctor because so many people have a lot of individual variability in the characteristics of each bunion. The other thing to be aware of with the surgical procedures are that this bunion can however occur yet again should the cause of the bunion is not really eliminated, that could usually entails using adequately sized shoes.

How are bunions treated?
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