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If your organization or school is looking for a new and exciting way to raise money, try hosting a carnival with inflatable rentals. With inflatable obstacle courses, inflatable sumo wrestling, inflatable bungee basketball, and many other fun inflatable games, creating and downloading carnivals don't have to be a big production. 

For a great event, start planning early and keep these tips and ideas in mind:

Delegation tasks:

Instead of wasting valuable time discussing each decision in groups, give people research and management assignments, and then set a time limit of 5-10 minutes to share plans in group meetings before implementing ideas.

If you are looking for inflatable games for rent, then you can navigate

Some people prefer solitary, low-impact activities like an inflatable human ball, while others prefer fighting games like inflatable gladiator fights. Below is a list of several inflatable game options categorized by activity preference:

Friendly physical match

Inflatable Obstacle Track: In the obstacle course, teams can climb walls, go through tunnels and pipes, and slide past friends. Try setting up an amp and playing upbeat, upbeat music to add another dimension to racing.

Velcro Walls: Carnival goers put on a whole velcro costume and then descend a giant inflatable velcro wall on one side and down the other.

Boxing: Wearing oversized inflatable gloves, the contestants attempt to knock out their competitors in a very loose inflatable boxing ring. Find a volunteer with a great sense of humor, and narrate the details of the game into the microphone to get attention.

Host a Successful Fundraising Event with Inflatable Rentals