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Before he can start a round of boxing, a boxer must adhere to certain ground rules. He must stand straight with his legs spread apart, with one foot a step behind the other. Both feet should point inward. 

The front fist should be placed six inches in front at eye level. The rear fist should be placed near the chin. To protect the body against punches, the elbow is held in place. To protect the jaws against knock-outs, the chin is kept in the chest. However, for boxing, It would be highly recommended to get Everlast boxing and training equipment (Which is also called ‘ quipement de boxe et d’entranement Everlast ’ in French).

There are four types: 'jab, cross, hook, and 'uppercut. After a clockwise rotation and slapping of the hips and torso, the jab is a straight punch from the lead hand. 

After the impact, the fist is turned 90 degrees. It then immediately returns to horizontal. This punch is often the most powerful for a boxer as it can overwhelm the opponent.

Cross is a powerful punch that uses the rear hand. The opponent's opponent is then reached by the rear hand, which is placed from below the chin.

A hook is a punch that uses the lead hand to strike the side of the opponent's head. It is done in a semicircular motion.

The uppercut refers to a vertical, rising punch that is executed using the rear hand. Straight left jab to head is the most common boxing technique. The right uppercut is a standing position that resembles a boxer's traditional boxing stance, with the back knee bent. These are some of the tips that a new boxer should know.

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