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A franna crane, also known as a "pick-and-carry crane", is a mobile hydraulic crane that can be driven on roads. The franna crane was designed in Australia and manufactured in Brisbane in 1980. It can be used on both small and large projects. 

They are ideal for all civil construction projects in Australia because of their mobility, speed, and flexibility. The franna cranes are designed to travel a large radius with their load. A franna crane is ideal for lifting and moving loads backward and forwards. Hop over the site to know more about the franna crane hire services in detail. 


The cost of hiring a franna crane is usually lower than other crane hires. A franna crane costs $170 per hour for 12 tonnes and $225 per hour for 25 tonnes. The franna crane rental usually includes transportation from one site to the next and a minimum of two hours depot-to-depot. 

Are you concerned that there might be an additional license required to operate a franna-crane? Our license guide runs through what is required from you in an operational capacity in a variety of circumstances.

Franna cranes represent the best example of Australian innovation and ingenuity. Franna cranes have been manufactured in Australia since 1980. They are specifically designed for Australian conditions. The Franna crane is a versatile crane that can be used for many purposes.

Franna Crane Hire Services For Picking Heavy Loads