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Water can be a foundation's worst enemy – either the foundation is poured or blocked. If water flows in the wrong direction it can destroy the foundation completely. Repairing the foundation is very important after the water impacts the house.

Inhalation – Water effect

When water is absorbed into the soil and does not drain properly around the base, the soil swells, and expansion only affects the soil that is irrigated. Other intact areas on the ground do not swell. An extension will increase parts of the leaky basement repair service at of the house. 

This lift is naturally uneven because it only occurs in areas where water has filled the ground – and this causes the base to climb awkwardly. These lifts are known as "lifts". Cracks and holes in the base are then used as proof of height.

Making a foundation waterproof is helpful because precautions are key to avoiding expensive foundation repairs. Drainage pipes, proper tilting techniques, as well as landscaping and pumping techniques can all help keep the foundation dry.

Watertight does not always prevent damage, however – severe flooding from summer rains and melting from winter into the springs can result in more water around the base than waterproofing techniques can handle. In this case, the incline is often visible and the foundation needs to be repaired so that the house does not sink, tilt, and suffer a bad devaluation.

Foundation Repair – Water’s Effect on Foundations