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Are you aware of the tree that is called an umbrella tree? Pinus pinea is the tree variety that is also being termed as umbrella trees. These trees are called umbrella trees because of their shape. You can find them mainly in Europe and Africa.

It is a tree that thrives in dry climates. This is why there could be a large population of them in Portugal. It's also known as stone pine. To get more details about the umbrella tree you may browse this site.

Umbrella Tree

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Pinus pinea tree varieties can grow up to 20 meters in height. The top is umbrella-like. The barks are dark brownish and have needle-like leaves. This variety is very popular and used to decorate most houses.

Portugal is second in the world to have the highest number of people living in this habitat. This tree is also a major contributor to the country's economic growth. Many products are made from it. This tree is mainly used to make decorative products, which is huge market demand.

These trees are well-kept in these countries, and cutting them is considered a criminal offense in many of those countries. These trees are used to make furniture and other wood forest products.

These seeds can be eaten raw or cooked as food. The resins and seeds of these pine trees are very medicinal and used to make many antibiotics. There is still much to learn about the umbrella tree variety.

Do You Know About The Umbrella Trees?